JetOwn Educational 

We Offer you Fully Educational ERP System (JetEdu) More Than 35+ Modules that are covering the Complete Needs for your Educational Environment
(Schools, Colleges, Institutes, and Universities)

(JetEdu) has been Helping Institutions to Improve Performance at All Levels, and we have the Ability to Integrate Customized and Improve Digital Transforming to Befit the Business Cycle in Your Educational Institution. 

We Customized and Integrated Various Modules Educational Institutions (JetEdu), All of That Built on Various Open Source Applications and Platforms which Cover (Enterprise Resource Planning, Educational Sectors, Online Conference, and e-learning) All in One, 

(JetEdu) built with Teachers, Students, and Institutions in Mind, From Streamlining Processes, Automating Tasks, and Empowering Teachers to Boost Parental Involvement and Engaging Students, To Be fit, More Sustainable and Successful in the Sultanate of Oman.

Using JetEdu at Your Institute will make Online Learning Simplified! In addition, Engage Students Wherever They Are, all of that will Provide Transparency, Availability the Effort, and Speed Actions, From Anywhere and at Any Time 24/7.

One program to manage all sections


Communicate with you continuously to ensure that the program is used optimally


Once you get the program you get training for all employees within the institution with supplementary lessons for your reference at any time.

Management of all sections of the school

Manage all sections from one place one program from anywhere and anytime.

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Student data in one place with one click

A complete student management system that enables you to store all student-related information such as an address, blood class, achievements, and more.

Faculty Members of Data

Teachers and faculty management system with integrated human resources management system gives full control over information such as degree, skills, and salaries.

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Create an approval record to start the approval process. You can set the details of fees, duration, maximum application, and other details. The applicant can apply for a particular course, pay the fees and get admission.

    School Timetable

    Material and student time management is the most important part of any institute, helps achieve this, and provides a truly user-friendly interface that allocates time periods for colleges.

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    Financial issues

    Financial management includes all departments within the institution and its various financial activities. Complete integrated accounting, budget, profit and loss management system and all other financial features.

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    Classroom Management

    The class management system manages the classroom, batches, class, and division in different ways to simplify the educational structure.  

    Attendance management

    Manage attendance of students and staff easily through the system. Parents can follow their children's daily attendance.

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    Library Management

    The integrated library management system helps maintain book management by controlling functions such as book issuance, receipt of books for students and teachers, and monitoring activities using barcode-based library cards.

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    Exam Management

    Special section to manage exams with ease grades attendance and leave of the exam committees. Everything about exams in one place


    Extract students' results with ease and transparency
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    All services in one place